April 1st12th-June 24Th solo exhibition 'Myths'  at the Bergkerk Deventer. After their journey along the Groninger Museum, the Rijksmuseum Enschede and the Jan van der Togt museum in Amstelveen, The Rembrandt Tower (Amsterdam), Kasteel Groeneveld (Baarn) and the Museum of Natural History in Rotterdam, the primal story of "the Phoenix" and the flow of desire in the installation "the Wave" converge together now in "Myths" between the pillars of the Bergkerk in Deventer. "Myths" brings us together in our struggle with finiteness, our desires in love, our dreams and fears. Imagined in large installations, gobelins, films and sculptures.

April 1st - September 1st 2017 exhibition 'The Secret of the Sea' Natuurmuseum Fryslân te Leeuwarden,Cultural Capitol of Europe (2018). A wonderful world we don't know about. Rising up high, frozen in eternal movement, and populated by fish, a water sculpture appears in the museum, immersing you in a fantastic journey to the bottem of the sea. A glimpse of a tail, sweeping fin, ancient life forms, waiting for centuries. Through subtle lighting and aligned with the hypnotic lure of the sea, different forms of life become visible.

Januari 21st - June 6th exhibition 'Penelope and Ulyssis' at the Twentsewelle, Enschede.Homer's great Greek epic is extremely topical, about courage, strength, loyalty, foxiness and love. Penelope and Ulysses are each others compeer. For their entire life, both of them are inspired to act, dream and think  to reach out for the other. Ulysses' fantastic voyage and Penelope's faithfulness to her deepest dreams, debouch into a swirling wave, And the sea leads to the bed of the queen.

September 17th - October 30th photo exhibition together with Niki de Saint Phalle at the Jan van der Togt Museum, Amstelveen.
July 10th - September 16th photo exhibition at the ARC, Amsterdam.
June 19th - July 10th photo exhibition at the Rembrand Tower, Amsterdam.

September 10th  the Phoenix will rise in Kasteel Groeneveld in Baarn. It will stay there until march 1st 2015.

'The Phoenix' is presented in Museum De Buitenplaats in Eelde from may til october and will be exhibited in the Kunst10Daagse (an Art Festival) in Bergen from october 18th to october 28 in collaboration with the Museum Kranenburgh in the Petrus en Paulus Church. The exhibition will be combined with workshops and masterclasses. Development 'Penelope's Bed'.

Project for the High School of Arts in Utrecht about multimediaproductions. Coaching a graduation project of a student of the Belgian Academy of Glass Art. Development 'Penelope's Bed' inspired by the theme of the Odysseia, Homer's story about Penelope and Odysseus.

Development new project.

The creation of the Phoenix in a new concept for the Groninger museum. The exhibition was opened in January 2011.
It will subsequently tour the Netherlands and abroad.

A large fire destroyed the studio of the artist, containing the almost completed Phoenix

2006-2009 ‘The Phoenix’
Development project entiteld ‘The Phoenix’ in collaboration with the Groninger Museum. 
This project was inspired by the theme of the phoenix rising up out of its own ashes.

2006-2010 ‘The Secret Garden’
‘The Secret Garden’ was inspired by Frances Hodgson Burnett’s popular children’s book that tells the story of the little orphan Mary, who discovers a garden and brings it back to life. 
This interactive experience project was commissioned by Kasteel Groeneveld, the Natuurmuseum Maastricht, the Environmental Education Centre (MEC) in Eindhoven and Natura Docet in Denekamp. 

2005 - 2011 ‘The Dragon’
‘The Dragon’ is a permanent exhibition commissioned by the Natuurmuseum Fryslân in Leeuwarden.

1999 - 2004 ‘Slip out of your Skin’
An installation, based upon the fairy tale entitled Princess Pelsdiertje (‘little furry creature’), commissioned by the Natuurmuseum Rotterdam, Kasteel Groeneveld in Baarn and Natura Docet in Denekamp. This exhibition was displayed at nine different locations including the Gemeente Museum Helmond. 

1998 - present ‘Animals’
A group of gigantic animals in front of the tree, the ‘Speelboom’(Play Tree), in Noorderdierenpark (zoo) in Emmen

1996 - 2007 ‘The Snow Queen’
The ‘Snow Queen’ was created for the Natuurmuseum in Groningen.

1995 - 1999 ‘The World at Night’
‘The World at Night’commissioned by theNatuurmuseum Fryslân in Leeuwarden, took the visitor on a nocturnal journey underground. The exhibition made an extensive tour through the Netherlands between 1995 and 1999. 

1992 - onwards
From 1992 onwards I have been making large-scale textile sculpture (approximately two metres tall/wide). These sculptures were inspired by mythological animals such as dragons, unicorns, lions and birds of paradise.

1987 Pop en spel kollektief
(Puppet Theatre collective)
In 1987 I joined the Pop en Spel Kollektief in Enschede as a visual artist. Between 1987 and 1991 I was responsible for various productions. I created sets, costumes and puppets for: ‘Waai je weg wind’ (Blow away wind), ‘De oude man met de vleugels’ (The old man with the wings), ‘’t Huis’ (The house) and ‘Dassenburcht’ (Badger set).