Experience the magical world of MYTHEN!

Bergkerk Deventer 12 April/24 June 2018

Allow yourself to be emerged into the underwater world of Penelope and Odysseus.
Look at the colorful firebird who has to gone through the fire and came back to the world.
Listen to soundscapes, that appeal to the imagination and discover new shapes, colors and details in the ever-changing light.
'Myth' is an exhibition with large installations, sculptures, masks, photographs and movies by visual artist Othilia Verdurmen.

Art of Othilia Verdurmen takes you in a sensory way to the imaginative world of the mythological stories they portray. 

She uses modern techniques which make her work much more than just an 'object' or 'sculpture'.
Works such as 'De Vuurvogel' and 'Penelope and Ulysses' were already on display in the Rijksmuseum Twenthe and the Groninger Museum. 'Myths' shows primal stories, that depict universal themes. They express our struggle with finiteness, our desires in love, dreams and fears.


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  • Penelope and Ulysses

    By Petra and Erik Hesmerg

  • Ulysses

    By Petra en Erk Hesmerg

  • Penelope's Bed

    By Petra and Erik Hesmerg

  • Penelope

    By Othilia Verdurmen