"The Secret of the Sea"
A wonderful world we don't know about. 

Fossil fragments shivering in the mirror of water
Stories dwell in sandy wrinkles 
The secret of the sea whispers, splashes on the shore 
Cadence on remote sand, liquid blue song

Rising up high, frozen in eternal movement, and populated by fish, a water sculpture appears in the museum, immersing you in a fantastic journey to the bottem of the sea. A glimpse of a tail, sweeping fin, ancient life forms, waiting for centuries. Through subtle lighting and aligned with the hypnotic lure of the sea, different forms of life become visible.
April 1st t/m September 1st 2017 Natuurmuseum Fryslân te Leeuwarden.

My thanks to the VSB foundation
and the foundation Sluyterman Van Loo